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«Chopin» Hotel Lviv «Chopin» Hotel Lviv
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Hotel «Chopin» - the most romantic hotel in Lviv!

Welcome to the beautiful and full of mystery boutique-hotel "Chopin ." You will find us in the center of the city , a step away from the famous Palace Potocki.

"Chopin " in Lviv known as the most romantic establishment where travelers stay.

Going up to your room, you will plunge into the world of magic melodies of Chopin. Our walls will give you a breath of architecture and pristine beauty of the ancient city.

Bright and airy interiors of our 17 rooms calming and relaxing.

On the summer terrace you will feel the unforgettable aroma of coffee.

And in the evening , tired , you want to look at the restaurant "Chopin " , which offers a menu of Ukrainian and European cuisine.

It offers parking under the -clock surveillance , Internet access (Wi-Fi), room-service , laundry and dry cleaning, library , meeting room , pub, patio overlooking the Potocki Palace and summer playground.

  • Location

    The hotel is located in the cultural center of the ancient city near to the Lviv regional philharmonic society, Potocki Palace and the Lviv Art Gallery. To Potocki Palace in a display of Western European art XIV-XVIII century.
  • Architecture

    Architectural elegance of the hotel embodies the harmony in front of the building and interiors in and filling hotel. Knightly and romantic style architectural elements and decorations of the facade structure inherent to an eclectic style that prevailed at the XIX-XX centuries in building cities of Austria-Hungary
  • Comfort

    Convenient location in a lovely downtown, the use of advanced technology and high-quality service, spacious rooms and sophistication, availability of parking — all contribute to a positive mood and allows you to fully enjoy the unique historical heritage of the city
  • Harmony

    Culinary Arts in conjunction with a wealth of interior design restaurant is harmoniously enhanced live performance of works by Frederic Chopin. Specially trained staff understands the needs of all visitors, and service standards — the guarantee of a pleasant and comfortable stay at «Chopin»

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